why me?

In a pool of wedding photographers,

I know you’ll love my discreet and efficient style of working. Because I blend seamlessly into the background, you can be sure I’ll capture the perfect imperfection of your incredible day. I’m very attracted to a film-like quality and I embrace grain, motion blur and anything else that conveys mood.

With my warmth, meticulous eye for detail and knack for people-watching, I speak a unique visual language that freezes that momentary sense of how it felt.

Why me? Because I think it’s the question of who’s behind the camera that counts.




Memories of a lifetime Starting from $3,600

Pre wedding catch up

Whether it’s grabbing a coffee in person, via Zoom or over the phone we will make it happen!

A selection of fine art prints

Yes, beautiful physical artworks!

Me, with options through to full day coverage

The story of your entire day, from getting ready to getting down on the dance floor.

Beautifully curated digital highlights slideshow

A password-protected gallery you can access, anywhere and anytime. 

A complete digital photo gallery including:

- Hi-res images (for print)
- Low-res images (for social media)

Custom made albums & zines

When your vows have been said and the celebrations are over, all that’s left to preserve these precious memories are your photographs




A slideshow is the perfect way to share your photos with friends and loved ones. With one link you can post your slideshow on social media for everyone to see and enjoy. I personally curate the slideshow using selected photos that tell the story of your beautiful day. 

(make it full screen to get the full vibe)

All The Highlights  FROM YOUR DAY 

Fine art albums & zines, Handcrafted Memories

Wedding BOOKS

To be completely honest with you, these albums and zines are ridiculously good.

Handmade from the highest quality materials and fully customisable to your liking, I'll craft your favourite photos into a fine art wedding album or bespoke wedding zine. We'll work together to weave a story and create a design that you're absolutely in love with.

Preserve these precious memories for generations to come with something tangible that you can pass down to  your grandkids.

Jump over HERE for some more info and to check out how good these things are.

"Rolan was our singular non-negotiable for the wedding / the first thing we both 100% agreed on. In a world of weddings where so much becomes (let’s be honest with ourselves) cookie-cutter, his work stood out as so unique, so special."


Custom Vinyl Record

Imagine this, as the needle kisses the vinyl, you and your lover sway to the music, being transported back to your wedding day. Clutched hands and teary smiles accompany the timeless tunes. Looking through your photos is a portal to cherished memories. Amidst the music and images, your love feels as fresh as it did the day you said "I do," a testament to enduring romance. 

Your favourite wedding day tunes on a double sided 12" inch 180gm vinyl record with a premium printed sleeve that includes the track listing and an image from your special day.

Feeling keen? Shoot me an email and let's get started.

Listening to old vinyl records is a timeless voyage into music's soul. The warm analog tones, and nostalgic crackles make it an exquisite, sensory-rich experience.

music-evoked autobiographical memories

Other services

Your Journey's just begun

Keeping it short and sweet? Let me know and we can tailor a package that suits you to a tee.

Elopement photography

A great way for us to get to know each other, and for you to squash those nerves about being in front of the camera.

Engagement Shoot

Having a large wedding? Or keen for a wider variety of images? I have a handful of super shooters ready to go. 

Second Photographer






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