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Delicately crafted from the finest materials and customisable to your liking, let's create your first-ever family heirloom - your wedding book!

Breathing life into all the memories and feelings - the nerves, the excitement, the joy, the tears - your wedding book is a tangible reminder of your special day. For you to hold and to keep forever. 

To be savoured with your lover, family and friends for years to come, let's make sure your bespoke wedding album is picture-perfect!

Awakening your 'best day ever' memories
with every page turn


"A manifesto of your love, a curation of your legacy.
These are the beautiful memories you'll treasure with loved ones for generations to come."

Whether you're envisioning something classic and timeless, something new and contemporary, or anything in between, you're guaranteed to fall in love with one of the many options available. 

And here's the most amazing thing - your album will be designed and made the old-fashioned a real, living and breathing human! Working closely with my trusted printing lab partners, I'll be making sure every single photo is perfectly edited and thoughtfully situated to tell the story of your special day. No lazy shortcuts or quick fixes here! 

There's nothing more rewarding than being able to hold the finished product in my hands, even if it's just for a moment, knowing that soon it'll be on its way to you, for your everlasting viewing pleasure. 

Please take your time to explore and enjoy all the album options below. If you get stuck or simply can't decide, let me know and I'll be more than happy to help you get started!


book options




sizeS & prices


Standard Size

Large Size

Choose from a beautifully customised fine art album, or a velvet celloglazed perfect bound wedding zine, whichever tickles your fancy! Whether it's displayed on your coffee table or safely tucked away on your bookshelf, you can't go wrong with either. 

Wedding zines are printed in quantities between 2 and 10. They make a very thoughtful gift and great way to say "thank you for everything", to your parents, grandparents or anybody else who made your day so special. 


10 x 10" Fine Art Album
+ A huge range of cover options 
+ Foiling and embossing
+ Between 30 - 40 spreads
+ Additional spreads available at + $80 each 
+ Printed on museum quality paper with vibrant and vivid archival ink
+Seamless spreads to let your photos enjoy center stage

from $1800



Standard Size

bespoke wedding zine

from $1600

(printed in quantities between 3 and 10)

fine art wedding albums

material options

Black Licorice

Silver Icing

Canapette Black

Elephant Ears

Soda Pop

Asahi Graphite

Candy Foil

Canapatta Grey


Asahi Navy

Asahi Indigo

Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Streusel

Blue Lollypop Sprinkles

Blue Raspberry

Asahi Blue Mohair


Asahi Marine Blue


Saltwater Taffy

Pacific Punch

Blue Taffy Sprinkles

Asahi Turquoise Blue

Asahi Soft Blue

Asahi Eggplant


Grape Ice Spinkles

Raspberry Gelato

Razzleberry Sprinkles

Sweet Lilac

Sugar Plum

Black Cherry

Canapatta Burgundy

Cranberry Cocktail

Red Velvet Cake

Canapatta Red

Red Licorice

Pumpkin Pie

Candy Apple

Strawberry Sprinkles

Dragon Fruit

Bubble Gum Sprinkles

Pink Lemonade

Candy Corn

Carrot Cake

Lemon Drop



Mint Chip

Pistachio Ice Cream


Golden Pear


Caribbean Punch

Asahi Sage Green

Asahi White

Sour Apple Sprinkles

Asahi Marigold

Chocolate Truffle


Chewy Fudge


Copper Sprinkles

Asahi Terracotta


Gold Sprinkles


Almond Brittle


Canapatta Tan

Asahi Linen Blend


Natural Toasted Marshmellow

Canapetta Natural

Natural Cannoli

Rock Candy

White Chocolate


Natural Vanilla Bean

Atomic Sugar

Silver Sprinkles

White Sugar


Blue Jelly Bean




Earl Gray



No Moo Blue


Vitamin Sea

eco leather


Velvet Aquamarine

Velvet Black Pearl

Velvet Blue Tropaz

Velvet Citrine

Velvet Emerald Green

Velvet Fire Opal

Velvet Jade

Velvet Pink Topaz

Velvet Rose Quartz

Velvet Ruby

Velvet Sapphire

Velvet Silver

Velvet Smokey Quartz

Velvet Steel




Dark Natural


Light Natural






Blue Metallic

Chocolate Brown





Gray Matte


Light Blue Metallic

Pink Metallic

Purple Metallic

Red Matte

Red Metallic

Rose Gold

Royal Blue


Turquoise Metallic


Personalise your album by imprinting your names, wedding date, a special quote or anything that's meaningful for you both!



fill in the form below TO BEGIN YOUR book DESIGN JOURNEY


Once Approved, it'LL take approximately 4 weeks to arrive at your door

the Process





Do you have payment plans?

Yes, I do! I offer several payment plan options to suit your needs. For more information, please reach out and we can set up a payment plan for you.

How many pages can I have in my album or zine?

The fine art albums come standard with 32 pages (16 spreads), accommodating a total of 60-80 images. The maximum number of pages is 47 and each extra spread is $80. If you would like to add more pages to your album, just let me know. 

Standard wedding zines are 200 pages plus the cover, and elopement / mini wedding zines are 100 pages plus the cover. You will have many stunning wedding photos so let’s make sure we do them justice and put them on display. 

Can I  purchase an album after our wedding?

Yes, you certainly can! However, please note that my top package includes a wedding album or 2 zines at a significantly reduced cost - so if you are leaning towards getting an album or zine, I highly recommend booking my top package for some cheeky savings. Believe me, you won't regret having one of these beautifully design books in your home!

What is the paper quality in the books?

Albums have museum-grade, fine art paper. With archival quality, it's the best paper grade for printing and will ensure your wedding album stands the test of time. 

Zines are created with acid-free, archival environmentally-certified uncoated paper with a velvet celloglazed cover, giving it a "soft" sophisticated matte finish.

How many photos can I include in my album?

As many as you like! However, I do recommend allowing the pages to have some breathing room so each and every photo has the chance to shine! I suggest having no more the 6 images on most of your albums pages. In saying that, the only exception are the end pages - I tend to pack in lots of dance photos on the final pages to wrap up your story with a fun bang!

Can we include our photobooth and disposable camera photos in the album?

Adding photobooth and disposable camera photos are an awesome idea. I can leave a few extra pages at the back of the album for us to add these images in the design. I advise against mixing these photos with the "professional" photos as the tones will be different and won't work well together. 

I'm not sure what album cover or material I want!

It's okay, I know it can be tricky to decide when there's so many options! You are welcome to book a meeting with me and we can go over the swatches together in person. In this meeting I can advise you what colours and textures would work well together.

You are welcome to change your mind on the material choices right up until the album is approved and ready for print. Once it's out for print, you won't be able to make any further changes or customisations, so trust your gut!

Will I see a draft before it goes to print?

Yes indeed! I will send you a digital proof as soon as I put together the design. You are welcome to add, delete or change images via my easy-to-use digital proofing system. This is where you'll be able to add comments directly to the pages and let me know the changes you would like - everything is done online! Two proof rounds come included in the price of your album. Beyond the two proof rounds, you can add extra proof rounds for $70 per round. 

Can I purchase a second album down the track? How long do you keep the design?

I will keep your design for up to 3 years and in this time you can order a second album, such as a parent album, at a discounted cost. Once the 3 years has past, any new album purchases will be at full price. 

Do you offer albums for other shoots (e.g. elopement, family, or couple)?

Absolutely! These beautiful albums and zines are perfect for any shoot! If we have done a elopement, family shoot or any other shoot together, we can certainly create a bespoke book to house your memories. Albums and zines also make great gifts!

How long will it take to receive my wedding book?

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your first draft to be sent. As I work full-time as a photographer, unavoidable delays may also occur during the busy season. If there's a special date you would like to receive your books by, such as a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc, please let me know and I'll see what I can do!

The timeline of receiving the final book is also dependent on you as I'll need your help with proofing and approving the draft round/s. The less back-and-forth changes we have, the quicker the process will be.

Once you are 100% happy we will send the design off for print. You will then receive your book(s) in the post 3-4 weeks from the time we sent the design to print. 

Do you ship Australia wide and overseas?

Shipping within Australia is complimentary. However, if you're located outside of Australia or would like to send an album to a friend or family member overseas, please let me know and I will provide you with a shipping estimate.

Do you offer returns?

Prior to finalising your album design and sending it off to be printed, you'll have multiple proof rounds to ensure you are 100% happy with your album. As your album is a handcrafted, customised piece, I unfortunately can't provide a refund once it's been printed. 

In the rare instant your album is damaged in the post or there is a mistake in the album due to an oversight/error (something that you did not approve), then I'll replace your album for free, at no additional cost.  

Do you offer refunds if I decide not to get an album after I have ordered?

The design process begins as soon as your non-refundable deposit is paid. From selecting and curating images, designing the layout, creating a story flow and contacting the printers, a lot of time and energy is committed to creating your wedding book behind the scenes. Therefore, the deposit is non refundable, and the final payment of your wedding book, which is due before print, is also non refundable once paid.

If you have any questions or are feeling uncertain, I recommend booking an in-person appointment with me so we can chat through it and I can show you some sample albums, for your peace of mind. 

And this is a book you'll treasure forever

Your love story

is one for the ages

Fill in the form below, and let's begin the journey of creating your album.

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