Jul 26, 2023

Imogene & Philip

Amidst the city’s bustling heart, under the watchful gaze of Melbourne’s melancholic charm, a small, intimate wedding unfurled its tender petals. The wedding, an intimate affair, saw legal bonds signed at the Victorian Marriage Registry, paving the way for an enchanting celebration at Siglo. There, the clinking of glasses harmonised with whispered vows, and laughter danced upon the lips of a cherished few. My lens, a witness to the sacred union of Imogene and Philip, immortalised the tender moments that unfolded as the evening embraced them. Love, like a haunting melody, echoed through the city’s streets, forever etching this cherished occasion within the realm of timeless memories.

Photographer: Rolan John Photo
Venue: Siglo
Dress Designer: Aje
Make Up Artist: Milco
Hair Stylist: Milly Dowsett
Suit Designer: Tiger Of Sweden
Wedding Rings: Jgs Jewellers
Florist: The Road Stall



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